I’m Erica,
Nice to meet you!
I’m Erica and I’m a Dream Relationship Expert, transformation coach and peanut butter cup connoisseur and I’m OBSESSED with empowering you to create and maintain the relationship of your wildest dreams so you can truly live your best life. If you aren’t happy in your relationship, you aren’ happy in life.
With my extensive training in transformational growth education, mindset coaching and real “on the court” experiential learning, I’ve discovered exactly what allows for some relationships to flourish, while others flop.

I have completely transformed how I show up in all my relationships, most importantly, my romantic relationship and I am excited (and relieved) to say that I’ve cracked the code on the very specific ingredients needed to create and maintain a wildly passionate, happy, healthy, exciting and deeply connected, long-term relationship!

And guess what the most amazing part about all this is…

“The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life.”
It only takes ONE person to transform a relationship.
That means that even if your partner doesn’t want to “do the work” with you or isn’t interested in coaching or per- sonal development training, you still have ALL the power to completely shift the trajectory of your relationship (without giving up, compromising or letting your partner walk all over you).
l’ve spent over a decade dedicated to understanding exactly how to make relationships the absolute BEST they can be. I’ve taken thousands of hours (and tens of thousands of educational dollars) of studying, coaching, testing and transforming and compiled them into my teachings, trainings and coaching programs. And I’d love to share my exact process for how I completely transformed my relationship and my life. Using my proven methodology, you can turn your relationship from frustrating and exhausting to fulfilling, passionate, connected and FUN!
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